Epyc Retail. Our brand is our experience. We know operating your retail store or facility is a task that is rapidly changing. Consumers now demand more technology in a traditional store and a more cohesive experience with their mobile life. Through our years of experience managing our own dynamic retail stores – we’ve learned a thing or two. Technology is changing every facet of operating your store. Are you keeping up?

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About Us

We’ve been there. Customers are changing. Buying habits are radically different than they once were. Your in-store technology just doesn’t keep up with the rapid pace of development in our world. But what if you could be different. What if you could effectively reintroduce that “wow” factor when a customer walks in. What if you could introduce radical new technology for your customers as well as your management and staff?

You can. Through years of getting our own hands dirty in the retail environment, we’ve come across some amazing tech that will revolutionize your store. And we’re excited to share it with you.

We’re based in the beautiful (and wet!) Pacific Northwest. We have extensive experience here, but fear not! We’re able to bring our ideas to life anywhere in the world. Retail has no boundaries. We shouldn’t either.

We specialize in all things business. Especially retail. We love retail. Did you know that 90% of all retail sales still occur in brick & mortar stores across this great country we call America? But technology is changing that. And consumers are keen to it. Don’t let the internet retailers get the best of you! Leverage technology to your advantage and gain that crucial “street-cred” with your customers. They’ll love it. You’ll love it. We all win.

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Customers demand a technology focused store, and there is nothing more innovative or customer-facing in this industry than electronic shelf labels (electronic price tags). Featuring paper white e-ink displays with black, yellow and/or red ink – these tags stand out from the rest. Get rid of the expensive process of constantly replacing price tags in your store and the hits to employee morale when they have to replace tags multiple times a week. With ESL’s, you can now instantly change prices multiple times a day to keep ahead of your competitors.

Utilizing affordable individual tags & a small amount of enterprise-grade transceivers in your store, management can now ensure price integrity, respond to sales and competition, try dynamic pricing strategies and impress customers. Our tags last 5-7 years before batteries need to be replaced, are always on, and feature enhanced technologies enabling you to push notifications to customers, flash LED’s to attract attention, and change designs on the fly.

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