Succeeding with Omnichannel Strategies

Omnichannel. The buzz word of the last several years is more important than ever! We all know the positives that such a campaign can contribute to customer satisfaction and profitability of your store, but what about the challenges faced by such retailers?

The challenges, they come a plenty. And when analyzed, come mostly from the implications to your physical store. While pricing and promotions are easily managed in your online webstore platform, things get a bit more complex at the store level.

As mentioned in some of our previous blog postings, the implications on store staff and management of ensuring a consistent experience are numerous. From paper changes, to waste, to reduced employee morale from running around the store multiple times a week peeling and resticking labels, the costs quickly add up. Add to this the dissatisfaction that occurs to both staff and consumers when things don’t match – omnichannel just may not seem worth it to some.

Enter: Electronic Shelf Labels. These quick to install and program devices clip to the shelf edge in your store and completely replace the paper tags that everyone has become accustomed to – and quickly rid your store of the antiquated approaches previously used by retail en masse.

Retailers Can Now:

  • Show a Range of Prices on Products by creating “sales” templates in the easy to use ESL software to allow the shelf edge to display not only the current price, but the original price, the price at your online competition or those down the street and when the promotion expires. Remove the need for the customer to pull their smart phone out of their pocket and possibly leave your store all together.
  • Easily use color (red or yellow) to highlight those products on sale to draw the eyes of interested consumers.
  • Display stock levels on tags to advertise to customers limited-time only or “while-supplies-last” type sales.
  • Enable customers to order out-of-stock items by scanning a QR code on the tag which can integrate with your online webstore platform to automatically order the item at a discount for the inconvenience.
  • Automatically place reviews or star-ratings on the ESL’s from your webstore or an open-source platform to allow customers to view the quality of a product.

“Showrooming” is the practice of consumers walking into your store to ask your staff questions about a product, physically touch it and become confident with it before leaving and ordering online. Nearly 76% of consumers asked frequently perform this practice. Don’t be a part of the majority who uses your own resources for the internet’s gain. Break the mold. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can change your store!

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