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Wires, wires and more wires. Electricity. Planning. Maintenance. Subcontractors. Contractors. Focus Groups. Drawings. Engineering. More Wires. More Documentation. Does it ever seem that upgrading your store involves way more than you ever thought it would? That a “simple” solution is never so simple – and requires small armies of technicians and subcontractors buzzing around your store? Or what about the discontinuance of business and interruption to your customers that seem to always occur during “upgrades.” Is it ever worth it?

Well, we agree. Implementing technology that changes the game in your store shouldn’t be, well, so difficult. Because difficulties really are the antithesis of what we are trying to do.

Let’s explore what makes DisplayData’s ESL solution tick – and how it will impact your bottom line, your customer perception – and whether or not your IT guy will have a heart attack!

Let’s keep this simple…

  • Network Infrastructure – Under 50,000 sq. ft. of space in your store? Well, you’ll need ONE P.O.E. (Power Over Ethernet) drop to the ceiling back to a network switch. As for the rest of the wiring, there is none 🙂
  • Wi-Fi interference – Well, there is none. Our communicators work at sub-gigahertz frequencies to radically eliminate any interference with your Wi-Fi network.
  • Windows Server- either hosted online with providers like Google Cloud Compute, AWS, or sitting right on your office floor- one server can power nearly 200 stores with thousands of tags each.
  • Software – Automated to your image generation software via an API or using simple drag-and-drop template building solutions- the aim is simplicity and practically zero training.
  • 2-Way ESL’s – Our ESL’s utilize 2-way communications so that the can report back to HQ when they switched prices to retain an audit-trail, but also report on things like battery level, tag health, temperature, and other critical pieces of information necessary to ensuring your ESL solution stays online.
  • Bluetooth – Integrated bluetooth beacons inside some of our tags make it easy for your IT and Marketing departments to work together to provide individualized custom promotions direct to your consumers.

When it comes to major technology improvements to your retail space, we can’t imagine one much simpler than this – or one that can provide as much impact… ESL’s are taking over the United States and your customer’s expect more. Let’s Chat!

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