You Are Losing Customers

Retailers need customers to survive. To a lesser extent, customers need retailers, though the law of supply and demand greatly works against the physical retailer today. The cost to obtain a new customer is nearly 5x what it costs to retain one, thus retailers should work emphatically to ensure that they retain their customers (who … Continue reading You Are Losing Customers

Strategic Retailer Pricing Priorities

In a recent survey by PlanetRetail, commissioned by DisplayData, a wide swath of retailers were asked to share their priorities in pricing dynamics in their stores. The complete pictures paints an image of retailers constantly struggling with pricing strategies and illustrates the importance of technology at the shelf edge to assist in creating a more … Continue reading Strategic Retailer Pricing Priorities

Supercharge Your Store

Smart retailers take advantage of many strategies to supercharge their in-store experience. We're firm believers in the shelf-edge and how technology can transform a customer's trip to your store, but focusing solely on ESLs as the game-changer your store needs is short-sighted. Quite simply, you must utilize as many techniques as possible to keep people … Continue reading Supercharge Your Store

ESL’s – Primed to Dominate the Market

The inflection point is now. Retailers are striving to maintain market share with their online counterparts. Consumers demand more - retailers must provide. The tide is turning and the answer lies in what we've all become accustomed to. Technology. Electronic Ink (eInk for short) is a technology that features an enormous use case for retailers, … Continue reading ESL’s – Primed to Dominate the Market

Red and Yellow Your Way to Increased Profits.

Source: Pinterist Do you remember green ketchup? Several years back, Heinz changed their signature ketchup formula to turn it from red to green - and the response was astounding. 10 Million bottles for sales of roughly $23 million. Factories churned 24 hours a day 7 days a week attempting to keep up with the demand. … Continue reading Red and Yellow Your Way to Increased Profits.

Ease of Installation – Ease of Use

Wires, wires and more wires. Electricity. Planning. Maintenance. Subcontractors. Contractors. Focus Groups. Drawings. Engineering. More Wires. More Documentation. Does it ever seem that upgrading your store involves way more than you ever thought it would? That a "simple" solution is never so simple - and requires small armies of technicians and subcontractors buzzing around your … Continue reading Ease of Installation – Ease of Use

Charm Pricing

What's a penny to your bottom line? Retailers often assume that they need to collect every cent in improving their bottom line. But the difference in a penny can make a world of difference - depending on your product. We've all seen the numbers - but have you actually thought about the psychology behind it? … Continue reading Charm Pricing

Motivating Customers to Return

You got them. Your advertising, location, or word-of-mouth drew them in. They shopped your store, took a look around - maybe even purchased something. But to a retailer, once is not enough. It never is. Your investments in staff, training, TI, the atmosphere - moreover your goals and hopes and dreams of being a business-owner … Continue reading Motivating Customers to Return

Succeeding with Omnichannel Strategies

Omnichannel. The buzz word of the last several years is more important than ever! We all know the positives that such a campaign can contribute to customer satisfaction and profitability of your store, but what about the challenges faced by such retailers? The challenges, they come a plenty. And when analyzed, come mostly from the … Continue reading Succeeding with Omnichannel Strategies

Store Promotion Management

Promotions. Love them or hate them, they are a critical component of operating a retail store today. You know them - SALE! 50% off today only! Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Free espresso and puppies for all children TODAY ONLY! (well... maybe not that one). Needless to say, the magnitude of online retailers has conditioned … Continue reading Store Promotion Management