Our Crew

Matt Waggoner

Matt has a broad background in business and technology integration. He has been involved in a successful technology business in Alaska, outfitting many commercial spaces with state of the art technology. He continues to tinker and play with cutting edge tech as part of his role in the management and ownership of a chain of retail stores in Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

Shaun D’Sylva

Shaun has over 25 years of experience in the digital electronics arena – acting as a business owner, integrator, regional sales director and entrepreneur. His extensive experience in systems integration and broad new ideas in retail & business development fosters a technology first approach in everything he touches.

Joshua Baba

Joshua has been a part of multi-store retail management and ownership for nearly a decade. Bringing his passion for new technologies and making data based decisions to his own stores, he is excited to help others do the same. He brings a unique set of talents to our team, understanding the logistical challenges retailers face in pricing and displaying their products while being able to see the bigger picture and how efficient uses of technology can improve processes to give retail owners an edge on their competition. In his non-working time, Josh enjoys spending time with his family and 3 dogs, golfing, fishing, and reading.