Electronic Shelf Labels

So you use paper price tags in your store. What’s the big deal? They are time tested, proven methods of showcasing an item’s price to your consumers. Why would a retailer even think about switching from something so familiar and common to something, well, a little more high-tech?

Electronic shelf labels (digital price tags) are revolutionizing retail and provide an enormous benefit to retailers and shop owners who choose to use them. Our partner, Display Data, has created the industry-leading solution to provide cutting-edge tech to your shelf space.

Why should you use electronic shelf labels?

  • Impress your customers – First and foremost, customers who walk into a store and see your paper-white e-ink tags will be impressed. They are immediately recognizable and you’ll see smiles on their faces and they look at your new technology. Consumers are now so inundated with technology that seeing it in a location where historically it has never been will impress them. The clarity, brilliance and cutting-edge cache will not go unnoticed.
  • Maintain Pricing Accuracy – How many times has a customer seen a price tag under an item, taken it the counter, and had the item ring up higher (or lower) that the tag price? It happens all the time, and it is due simply to the fact that maintaining paper tags is an expensive and labor-intensive process. Having your price tags communicate directly with your Point of Sale system ensures price accuracy – every time.
  • Implement a dynamic pricing system – With the enormous amount of competition your store faces from the internet and cross-town competition, retailers have to react fast to keep customers happy and buying. Flash sale? No problem. Differential pricing for morning / evening or slow days – Go for it! Simply put, remove the redundancy of changing prices in your system and the shelves – let your electronic shelf labels do the hart part for you.
  • Reduce Costs – Paper waste. Ink costs. Taking time to print. Using employees to remove and reapply tags. Ensure your staff’s time is spent where it matters most – selling – not price tag management.
  • Low Overall Cost – Display Data uses the least amount of hardware of any solution out there- minimizing your total cost of ownership and reducing the amount of time necessary for implementation at your store. When you factor in paper, ink and staff time for ongoing paper tags, you’ll quickly find electronic shelf labels are an exceptional value.