ESL’s – Primed to Dominate the Market

The inflection point is now. Retailers are striving to maintain market share with their online counterparts. Consumers demand more - retailers must provide. The tide is turning and the answer lies in what we've all become accustomed to. Technology. Electronic Ink (eInk for short) is a technology that features an enormous use case for retailers, … Continue reading ESL’s – Primed to Dominate the Market

Motivating Customers to Return

You got them. Your advertising, location, or word-of-mouth drew them in. They shopped your store, took a look around - maybe even purchased something. But to a retailer, once is not enough. It never is. Your investments in staff, training, TI, the atmosphere - moreover your goals and hopes and dreams of being a business-owner … Continue reading Motivating Customers to Return

Store Promotion Management

Promotions. Love them or hate them, they are a critical component of operating a retail store today. You know them - SALE! 50% off today only! Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Free espresso and puppies for all children TODAY ONLY! (well... maybe not that one). Needless to say, the magnitude of online retailers has conditioned … Continue reading Store Promotion Management